Welcome to Pete’s Hatchery!

Today we are one of the few hatcheries that remain in the great Northwest. We specialize in hatching day old poultry. We offer many types of layers, broilers, ducks, and guineas. We ship all across the nation for the back yard urban farmer to large commercial operations. We guarantee the quality of our chick will stand out from all of our competitors.

Location: Our main office has moved to 13148 NE Portland Rd, Gervais OR 97026. (Pick up’s are available at our new location). Our office will be open 8am-5pm. Closed for lunch from 1pm to 2pm.

Ordering information:
Please call for availability. All chicks are vaccinated unless requested otherwise at the time of the order. All orders need to be pre-paid before being shipped. We accept all forms of credit cards, checks need to be sent out 4 weeks in advance to make sure funds have cleared before hatch date.

We will hatch every Tuesday this spring starting January 17th through June 27th (except April 18th!).

We guarantee 90% sexing accuracy

Hatch Dates


  • 17th
  • 24th
  • 31st


  • 7th
  • 14th
  • 21st
  • 28th


  • 7th
  • 14th
  • 21st
  • 28th


  • 4th
  • 11th
  • 25th


  • 2nd
  • 9th
  • 16th
  • 23rd
  • 30th


  • 6th
  • 13th
  • 20th
  • 27th